Since Year 2001 Swing Water Vietnam Corporation has engaged in design and construction of water and wastewater treatment facilities for industrial sector as well as municipal water and sewage treatment.
Swing Water Vietnam Corporation will keep on contributing to the development and environmental protection in Vietnam by the state of art technology for water and wastewater treatment as a group company of ”Total solution provider for water business”, Swing Corporation.

Company Profile

Company Name Swing Water Vietnam Corporation
Incorporation August, 2001
Address No.02-03, 6th Floor, Horison Tower,40 Cat Linh Street, Cat Linh Ward,Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Product and Service 1. Design and engineering for water and wastewater treatment
2. Equipment for water and waste water treatment
3. Maintenance and Operation for water related utility facilities
4. Production and supply of Activated Carbon for water treatment
5. Production and supply of chemical for boiler and cooling tower operation
Contact Phone : +84-24-3934-9601
FAX : +84-24-3934-9617
Office entrance
Office entrance
Staff meeting
Staff meeting

Major Track Record

Client Facility / Equipment
Thang Long North-Van Tri Urban Water Treatment Plant Capacity:50,000m3/day
Equipment:Coagulation and sedimentation treatment+rapid sand filtration(GreenLeaf Filter)
Binh Hung Wastewater Treatment Plant Capacity:141,000m3/day
Equipment:Coagulation and sedimentation treatment+activated sludge treatment+dehydrator
Water Treatment Plant for Thang Long Industrial Park Water treatment capacity:2,000m3/day+4,500m3/day
Wasterwater treatment capacity:3,000m3/day
Printed Circuit Factory Demineralizer capacity:2,250m3/day
Wasterwater treatment capacity:1,000m3/day
Food Processing Factory Water treatment capacity:360m3/day
Wasterwater treatment capacity:230m3/day


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