Swing’s carrier-added activated sludge process named “BIOERG”, enables a conventional biological treatment process in an existing wastewater treatment facility to be upgraded to an advanced biological treatment process by slight modifications of the existing reactor.


Application example of BIOERG
Application example of BIOERG

This treatment system immobilizes nitrifying bacteria by means of carrier media put in the aerobic reactor to achieve quick nitrification and denitrification.

BIOERG achieves;
1. Upgrading existing facilities with slight modifications

2. Excellent treatment performance

3. Increased concentration of microorganisms in the aerobic tank, which reduces required processing time by approximately half, compared to conventional designs.

4. Stable separation of carrier media from mixed liquor in the aerobic tank while preventing uneven flow and short circuit flow.

About BIOERG Biofilm Carrier Media

Electron micrograph of microorganisms attached to carrier surface
Electron micrograph of microorganisms attached to carrier surface

BIOERG uses polymer particles formed into spheres with a diameter of 3-5 mm as the biofilm carrier media for retaining microbes. This hydrophilic carrier is suitable for attaching microorganisms and also has sufficient strength to withstand agitation by submerged agitators. In addition, uniformly-sized grains can be produced, allowing easy handling in carrier separation from the mixed liquor in the aerobic tank.

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