Applying IoT implements optimization of the chemical dosage and washing frequency.

Product Feature

Reduces operating costs

1. Applying the Swing original ICT service,"SWN",
it optimizes operation and the time for maintenance and inspection will be notified.

2. Operating condition can be grasped by locating a sensor.
Moreover, its compact installation can save the space.

SaiForce-I Ion exchange high efficiency water purification system (2B3T)

・Monitoring the resin condition and optimizing the regeneration frequency can reduce the use of chemicals by up to 25%.

・Resin will not go to waste by managing the optimal exchange frequency of resin.

SaiForce-R RO high efficiency water purification system

・By monitoring the membrane condition, washing frequency can be optimized. It implements a life extension of membrane and reduction of washing frequency.

・The flow rate will be automatically adjusted for acquiring certain amount of treated water at all times.

Project Reference

  • 株式会社荏原製作所
  • 三菱商事株式会社
  • 日揮株式会社