GreenLeaf Filter is a fully automatic gravity type rapid sand filter. Swing completed more than 500 projects installing GreenLeaf Filter in Japan and overseas.


GreenLeaf Filter
GreenLeaf Filter

1. Utilizing the difference in water levels for filtration and backwash establishes an energy-saving system, which eliminates the necessity of filtrate pumps and backwash pumps.

2. Large-diameter valves are not required; only small-diameter vacuum valves are employed for automatic operation, which enhances the system's maintainability.

3. The automated operation insures minimal hassle, allowing the operator to easily manage the system.

4. This system is designed to minimize negative pressure which commonly results in unwanted air bubbles in the filter layer. By avoiding these issues, our system is able to maintain its filter capacity and steady rate of filtration.

5. Additional mechanisms, including our patented “Slow down backwashing”, filter to waste procedure and slow start filtration, make it possible to minimize the risk for Cryptosporidium.

Project Reference

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