Shaft Sliding Screw Press Dehydrator (Main component of Value Sludge System)
Shaft Sliding Screw Press Dehydrator (Main component of Value Sludge System)

Value Sludge System is a sludge dewatering system incorporating a unique Shaft Sliding Screw Press Dehydrator to achieve lower moisture content in sludge.

The Value Sludge System successfully outputs dewatered sludge with a moisture content not exceeding 70% by dewatering human waste and/or septic tank sludge without removing fibrous materials from it.
It is sometimes difficult to dewater sludge to 70% or less in moisture content due to its characteristics. Such sludge is, for example, waste activated sludge with less fibrous materials. Even in such case, using our developed chemical, the U-700 series, allows the System to dewater sludge to a moisture content of 70% or less. The system can be installed in existing as well as new facilities.

Value Sludge System changes the sludge to valuable combustion improver by reducing its moisture content to 70% or less which is assumed level of self-sustained combustion.

Higher fibrous material in sludge means higher dehydration performance of the Shaft Sliding Screw Press Dehydrator used in the Value Sludge System. In Japan’s night soil treatment plants, fibrous debris contained in the night soil brought in was screened prior to sludge dewatering and then was independently disposed of. However, the System enables the fibrous debris to be dewatered together with sludge and successfully omit the screening system which contributes to the reduction of the capital cost.

Awarded the prizes for the energy-saving technology from two organizations

Chairman's Award for Excellent Energy-saving Machine in 2008 (Hosted by the Japan Machinery Federation)

The Chairman’s Award is bestowed to a company or organization credited with its contributions to the promotion of efficient use of energy through the development and practical application of superior energy-saving devices. The Value Sludge System was accredited as a product that has a significant energy-saving effect, as well as remarkable originality and economic efficiency.

Award of Director-General of the METI Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau at the 35th Excellent Environmental Machinery Commendation Ceremony (Hosted by the Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers)

With the aim to promote the research and development of environmental conservation technologies and the widespread use of excellent environmental devices, this award is bestowed to the main developer of such a technology or device. The Value Sludge System was accredited as a high-performance, high-quality product contributing to environmental conservation and promotion of the environmental equipment industry.

Mechanism of the Shaft Sliding Screw Press Dehydrator

The back-and-forth movement of the screw shaft prevents the dewatered sludge from being clogged at the dehydrator outlet port even though the sludge is hard to be discharged due to the low-moisture. This mechanism contributes to realizing continuous stable operation.

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