Simultaneous achievement in "Volume reduction of biomass" and "Production of renewable energy"

Swing's unique system processes high-moisture biomass by means of methane fermentation technology to produce biogas. This achieves both volume reduction of biomass to be disposed and production of renewable energy.

1. Swing designs and constructs the comprehensive plant integrating the associated facilities, such as the sludge dewatering facility for digested sludge from methane fermentation tanks, the wastewater treatment facility for all plant drainage and the odour control facility.

2. The recovered biogas can be used as a source of electrical or thermal energy.

3. Swing's system features a simplified configuration with high safety and maintainability, and achieves reasonable capital costs and running costs.

Provision of Processes for Various Shapes and Characteristics of Biomass

Taking advantage of our expertise in pre-treatment technology, our system can be used for biomass with various shapes and characteristics.

Types of Biomass fed to System

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