RS Screen is an automatic mechanical screen that utilizes Resin and Stainless steel for main components. This design allows for reduced weight, enhanced corrosion-resistance and maintainability.


RS Screen
RS Screen

1.Easy Maintenance
Through the adoption of the drive unit being directly coupled to the drive shaft and elimination of the lower sprocket wheel, the RS Screen reduces inspection item requirements during daily and periodic maintenance.

2. Enhanced corrosion resistance
No paint is required since the components are made of resin and stainless steel. As the base material is corrosion resistance it also eliminates the need for periodic painting.

3. Overload prevention by new rake rotation mechanism
By adopting a rake rotation mechanism, the risk of overload and its resulting system downtime is reduced significantly. The system can continue working even in the event that large particles accumulate at the bottom of the screen without overloading.

Actual application example installed 11 years ago

・Although stains are visible, there is no sign of corrosion.
・No deformation or wear of the resin screen is evident.
・Past repairs: replacement of motor oil, replacement of wear shoes

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