Swing has delivered a unique plastic chain sludge scraper conceived quite differently in the shape of conventional sludge scrapers. The Sludge Scraper has greatly contributed to achieving reductions of both capital and maintenance costs while increasing durability and service life.


Example of installed Plastic Chain Sludge Scraper
Example of installed Plastic Chain Sludge Scraper

1. Capital cost reduction
The simplified and light-weight scraper system contributes to saving on capital costs.

2. Maintenance cost reduction by high durability
The system ensures a high wear resistance by dispersing the load on the wearing parts of chain. Part of its components is designed using stainless steel which has high durability.

3. High level of safety
The chain guard prevents derailments caused by chain skipping. In addition, the system uses Z-shaped return rails that contribute to preventing the chains from derailing even when horizontal oscillations are caused by earthquakes. A sloshing-resistant version is also available.

4. Energy savings
Reduced weight in the scraper system allows for the use of a lower power consuming motor compared to those used in conventional systems.

5. Short construction period
The simplified and lightweight scraper system also helps to shorten the construction period. Fixed by adhesive anchoring, the system does not require concrete cutting/drilling work. This contributes to reducing the burden to the existing civil structure when replacing the aged sludge scrapers. This is an ideal solution for both new construction and renewal of facilities.

Configuration of Plastic Chain Sludge Scraper

This product employs the technologies of Finnchain Oy, a company based in Finland.
  • 株式会社荏原製作所
  • 三菱商事株式会社
  • 日揮株式会社