Aero Saver is an aeration system using set of fine bubble diffusers and contributes to energy saving in biological treatment.


Example of installed Aero Saver
Example of installed Aero Saver

1. High oxygen transfer efficiency
Ultrafine air bubbles of about 1 mm in diameter allow for a large gas-liquid contact area, increasing oxygen transfer efficiency by more than double than that of conventional types.

2. Reduced power consumption
The increased oxygen transfer efficiency halves the required amount of air, as well as the power consumed by blowers, leading to a reduction of carbon dioxide.

3. Intermittent operation capability
When air supply stops, the pores on the diffuser close to prevent clogging. This feature enables intermittent operation as a bulking control measure, as well as anaerobic and aerobic operation for advanced treatment.

Structure of Aero Saver
Structure of Aero Saver

4. Availability for wide range of air supply flow
The system is capable of dealing with initial low-load operation, as well as fluctuations in the volume and quality of influent sewage.

5. Long service life
The anti-clogging structure enables the system to be operated for a long period of time. This product has a proven track record of operation for more than 15 years.

6. Flexible layout of diffusers
Five types with different lengths are available, allowing for the efficient arrangement depending on the shape of the aeration tank.

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