Grit collected from sewage can be transferred by the System driven by low power and small amount of water. This System can also transfer screenings raked by a mechanical screen to the designated place.


Installed Plug Vacuum Grit Lift System
Installed Plug Vacuum Grit Lift System

1. Highly efficient grit collection
As the first part of a grit removal process, Swing has developed an efficient grit collection system utilizing a V-shaped chamber and nozzles to spray water for collecting the incoming girt. The system achieves low usage of water by reduced nozzle pitch and prevents settled grit from resurfacing during collection.

2. Reliable grit lifting and transfer performance achieved with low power input
Using vacuum pressure and a unique plug-flow transfer mechanism, the System delivers an excellent lifting height (max. 60 m achieved in the past) with low power input.

3. Fully closed system
As the grit is transported by pipelines from the grit chamber to the grit receiving tank, neither odor nor sewage water is diffused or scattered.

4. Streamlining of maintenance
No drive parts are used under water, which saves the need for maintenance work. In addition, the piping is free of internal protrusions which would otherwise cause internal clogging by transporting grits that contain debris.

5. Space saving
The System can operate in a smaller space in comparison with a bucket-conveyor system, as well as a water jet system.

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