This dehydrator, developed by integrating a screen type thickener and a shaft sliding mechanism to a conventional dewatering screw press, has achieved the enhanced sludge treatment capacity and operability.


1. Our sludge dehydrator is capable of producing targeted moisture content of sludge even if the feed sludge characteristics have changed. This is achieved with a combination of the best fitted thickener as pre-treatment and the following unique screw press dehydrator that has shaft sliding mechanism to adjust the position of the screw shaft during operation for efficient dewatering.

2. Our dehydrator continuously achieves lower moisture content in sludge by dewatering sludge containing a lot of fibrous materials such as screenings. Our shaft sliding system eliminates the possibility that these screenings cause the clogging at the outlet part of dehydrator and deteriorate the dewatering performance.

3. New type of sludge conditioning (two-step chemical dosing system) is available for this dehydrator to achieve lower moisture content in sludge.

4. Screw shaft sliding mechanism also enables quick discharge of sludge remaining inside of the dehydrator when required.

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