Swing's unique Planetary Roller Press mechanism successfully reduced the size and weight of the sludge dehydrator.


Belt Press Dehydrator

1. Swing delivers a sludge dehydrator known for its high efficiency, as well as reduced size and weight.

2. In addition to a filter cloth for the shear and compression dewatering zone, a different filter cloth is prepared for the gravity dewatering zone. This allows for operation adjustment in accordance with the characteristics of sludge.

3. Maintenance can be carried out easily due to the simplified structure with no bearings used to support the Planetary Roller unit.

4. By using an optional sludge conditioning tank equipped with a concentration function, low-concentrated sludge can be treated and enhanced treatment capacity can be achieved at the same time.

Dehydration Mechanism

The belt press dehydrator is composed of three processes: sludge conditioning, gravity dewatering, and shear/compression dewatering.

Sludge conditioning process: Feed sludge is mixed with a small amount of polymer coagulant in the conditioning tank, resulting in formation of easily drainable high density pellets.

Gravity dewatering process: The pellets are fed into the slurry pool at the sloped part of the first filter cloth and uniformly distributed on the surface of the cloth. Then, they release free water while moving up the slope, and become semisolid.

Shear and compression dewatering process: The drained sludge moved down the slope of the first filter, then get sandwiched by the second filter cloth, and finally wrapped around the Planetary Rolls. Repeatedly exposed to large compressing and shearing forces, the sludge turns into dewatered sludge with low moisture content and is continuously discharged from the sludge chute.

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