Online TS Sensor is a high-precision sludge concentration meter with automated measurement in place of conventional manual analysis.


Online TS Sensor
Online TS Sensor

Online TS Sensor is a high-precision sludge concentration meter featuring automated measurement process that used to be based on manual analysis. The analyzer is intended for online measurement of the concentration of sludge generated in various processes of water treatment involving municipal water, sewage, night soil, industrial wastewater and so on.

1. High precision
High precision measurements can be obtained in a short time using a loss-on-drying method for direct measurement, as well as an efficient heating method for quick dehydration.

2. Fully automated measurement
A unique sampling mechanism is used to automatically extract samples from the sludge pipes. The instrument also features a PLC with computation and control functions, fully automating the process from sampling to measurement.

3. Easy operation
The receptacles for the samples are automatically prepared inside the unit for each measurement, eliminating the time and effort for replenishment, as well as the necessity of cleaning, in every measurement cycle.

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