Rephosmaster is a system used for recycling-oriented society through phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge.


System for MAP Recovery from Digested Sludge

Targeting anaerobically digested sludge, the System removes and recovers phosphorus as magnesium ammonium phosphate (MAP) with high efficiency and at low cost.

・Compared to conventional MAP methods, the system is advantageous in terms of increased volume of recovered phosphorus, reduced amount of chemicals added, saved costs for recovery of MAP, and so on.
・Recovered MAP can be easily utilized for feedstock of fertilizers because the grains are shaped round and uniform in size.

Effects brought by MAP Recovery System from Digested Sludge

System for HAP Recovery from Returned Water

This high-speed phosphorus recovery system is intended for returning water generated during sludge treatment, such as filtrate of sludge dehydrator.
・ The System removes and recovers phosphorus as hydroxylapatite (HAP).
・ The System is capable of treating feed water with high content of suspended solids (SS).
・ Fully automated chemical dosing system allows easy operation and management.
・ Accelerated treatment process contributes to space saving.

Effects brought by HAP Recovery System from Returned Water

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