Based on many years of achievement, accumulated knowledge and expertise, Swing has developed the Semi Dry Sludge Digestion System, an innovative way to achieve lower costs and higher production of biogas which can be used for various purposes such as energy production.


1. Input of high-concentration sludge, as well as streamlining the digestion period, has allowed for the reduction of the anaerobic digestion tank size by up to 1/8 the original size compared with that of conventional systems.

2. The compact digestion tank saves construction costs.

3. Swing successfully decreases the amount of digested gas spent on warming the system due to compact digestion tank size. Our design enables more biogas to be utilized as a source of renewable energy.


Our concept is enhancing efficiency of sludge digestion facilities and ensuring more renewable energy available for the multiple purposes.

Our system ensures more biogas available for multiple purposes by minimizing biogas consumed for digestion process

The figure above is a conceptual illustration.
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