Bio Sweeper is a easily maintainable odor control system that degrades odor components using microbial processes.


1. This biological scrubber reduces odor by feeding odorous gas through the packed media, which keeps an optimum environment for microorganisms moisturized with sprinkling water. The system is easy to maintain and saves running costs.

2. Bio Sweeper uses a unique media that is ideal for retaining a high-density microorganism.

Optimal design based on our practical knowledge

We offer optimal design solutions on the basis of careful investigation, as well as our abundant practical knowledge and experience with utilizing microorganisms for efficiently removing odor.

Conceptual illustration of treatment process

Conceptual illustration of treatment process
Conceptual illustration of treatment process

(1) When odorous gas makes contact with sprayed water in the system, many of the malodorous components dissolve in the water.

(2) The malodorous components dissolved in water are then adsorbed onto the microorganisms inhabiting the media in the scrubber. Simultaneously, some malodorous components are absorbed by the microorganisms directly from gaseous phase.

(3) The adsorbed malodorous components are used as an energy source by the microorganisms and for microbial growth.

(4) Removed sulfuric compounds and ammonia are oxidized to produce sulfuric acid and nitric acid in the effluent. The effluent usually returns to pumping well at the beginning of the wastewater treatment system for further treatment.

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