EFMR is classified as a Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) to treat wastewater. EFMR is space saving because it is designed to keep the high pollutant load in the biological reactor and high upflow in the sedimentation tank. EFMR is also robust for fluctuation of pollutants in feed water, operable without bulking and easy to maintain.


1. No requirements for cleaning the screen to separate the media from mixed liquor flowing out of the biological reactor
To maintain the media in the biological reactor, a screen system is provided. Our unique screening system eliminates the need for daily maintenances.

2. Proven delivery track record
More than 50 projects have been delivered in Japan.

3. Easy upgrade of existing facilities to treat higher pollutant load
EFMR is also utilized to upgrade facilities already in operation. Utilizing the EFMR media in existing reactor tanks with slight modifications, makes it possible to increase the treatment capacity without expanding site footprint.

EFMR Schematic Flow


・Organic waste water treatment
・Upgrade and/or renewal of existing facilities

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