Swing Corporation has demonstrated its ability as a comprehensive water solution company in domestic and international markets. Swing offers state of the art technologies as a pioneer in the water industry and continues to develop new water treatment technologies for contribution to environmental protection. To meet global needs of today, Swing offers total solutions for design, construction, and operation & maintenance techniques obtained through our long company history.

Swing's approaches to overseas projects

Safe water for everyone

Swing makes our best efforts day and night to supply safe and clean water to the people over the world through our abundant experience and with the latest technologies.

■Municipal Water Treatment Plant
■Industrial Water Treatment Facilities
■Packaged Water Purification Facilities for rural areas and emergency use
■Pumping Facilities

For Hygienic Environment

Water pollution by public and industrial wastewater became serious issues over the world. Swing contributes to the protection of water environment globally with our wastewater treatment technologies.

■Sewage Treatment Plant
■Sludge Treatment Facilities
■Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant
■Night Soil Treatment Facilities

Transfer of the latest technology to the world

Swing developed the state of art technologies to overcome environmental issues and now will develop those further to cope with the local needs in global markets in such as;

■Water Recycling
■Biomass Recycling
■Waste Reduction and Resources Recovery
■Demineralization / Ultra Pure Water Production

Steps for providing services

To address customers' needs, Swing proceeds the following steps.

Planning and Proposal

Swing makes thorough review of the customers plan in terms of energy saving, cost reduction and maintainability, etc. based on our excellent technologies and abundant experience. Further, Swing carries out analysis of samples and treatment tests in our R&D Centre in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture to offer tailor made solution for each customer.


Experienced engineers carry out the design works to optimize the performance of the plant. Our extensive experience in operation and maintenance gives us the strength in providing the most suitable design of the plant for users.


Through our experience in the water treatment engineering business for longer than 80 years, Swing established its global procurement network of materials and equipment with reliable quality.

Construction / Commissioning

Swing delivers the plant in timely manner, with established company policy for environmental management, occupational health and safety to meet the customers’ satisfaction.
Swing offers excellent services for the commissioning and starting up to smooth handing over the plant to the users.

Experiences in Overseas

Swing develops its business as a comprehensive water solution company globally having delivered its products and services to approximately 500 projects in about 50 countries.

Main Projects in Overseas

★Indonesia Shopping mall Wastewater Treatment Plant
Indonesia Industrial Water Purification Plant : 30,000m3/day,
Industrial Waste water Treatment Plant : 30,000m3/day
Indonesia Water Purification Plant : Desalination 3,480m3/day, Demineralizer 1,342m3/day
★Malaysia Industrial Waste water Treatment Plant : 600m3/day
Malaysia Sewage Treatment Plant : 59,000m3/day
Singapore Sewage Treatment Plant : 75,000m3/day
★Vietnam Water Purification Plant : 50,000m3/day
★Vietnam Sewage Treatment Plant : 141,000m3/day
Vietnam Copper Recycle System
Philippines Water Purification Plant : 24,200m3/day
East Timor Water Purification Plant : 2,000 + 2,600 + 600m3/day
China Water Purification Plant : 265,00m3/day
China Sewage Treatment Plant : 600,000m3/day
Kazakhstan Water Purification Plant : 136,000m3/day,
Sewage Treatment Plant : 100,000m3/day
Pakistan Water Purification Plant : 273,000m3/day
Sri Lanka Industrial Water Purification Plant : 9,450m3/day,
Industrial Waste water Treatment Plant : 9,900m3/day
Sri Lanka Water Purification Plant : 6,500m3/day
Bangladesh Irrigation Pump station : 5,100m3/min
Zambia Water Purification Plant : 80,000m3/day
Zimbabwe Sewage Treatment Plant : 20,000m3/day
DRC Water Purification Plant : 30,000m3/day
★Iraq Produced Water Treatment : 20m3/day
U.S.A. Industrial Waste water Treatment Plant : 7,413m3/day
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