As a total solution provider for water, Swing Corporation meets the various needs of our customers by offering excellent technologies and services. Collaborating with customers, Swing achieves operation and maintenance based on symbiotic relationship with local communities.

Basic Policy of Operation & Maintenance

By establishing stable partnerships with customers, we follow the five basic policies shown below for operation and maintenance with local communities:



Swing provides high-quality operation services at optimum cost by professional operators and management systems such as ISO9001, ISO14001, and under reliable support network with accumulated know-how based on experience in 300 worksites nationwide. Our operational services enable;

■Safe and stable facility operations
■Reduction of operational cost
■Transfer of operational know-how



Swing provides preventive maintenance services for prolonged life of the plant as well as timely and optimized maintenance by experienced field engineers with accumulated know-how based on approximately 3,000 repair works conducted every year. Offered services are in compliance with management systems such as ISO9001, ISO14001. Our maintenance services enable;

■Reduction of life cycle cost
■Safe and stable operation of the facility
■Transfer of technical know-how

Experiences in Operation & Maintenance

Experiences in Operation & Maintenance

“Swing water net” supporting the Operation and Maintenance Services

Swing Water Net

“Swing water net” (SWN)is an ICT based service which enables the achievement of desired operation and maintenance efficiency.

By using SWN, it is possible to conduct equipment inspections and remote monitoring. SWN also enhances the skills of the operation & maintenance staff through information terminals, which also enables efficiency improvements. SWN has been adopted at various plants being operated by Swing.

SWN has following applications

SWN can be used in your country being customized according to customer’s needs and requirements. By connecting work sites in your country with those in Japan through a remote communication system, the operator can learn the details of maintenance procedures and will be able to conduct proper maintenance by themselves.

■Tablet Inspection

Using tablets for daily inspection work, inspection efficiency and operation quality is enhanced. The inspection data is stored on a database in the tablet itself which can be used instantly to monitor operation status at any time. Tablet communication functions can also be used to share the inspection data with remote sites in a timely manner.

■Facility Management

The system manages centralized repair information, failure information, equipment specifications, diagrams, and manuals. It is possible to create facility maintenance plans and reduce the maintenance & management costs. It also provides support for customer's asset management to plan for facility lifespan extension and renewal.

■Remote Monitoring

Operational information can be shared at any time via mobile phone, tablet, or PC between the maintenance and management sites and customers. Remote monitoring makes it possible to manage the information efficiently and centrally.

■Visual Manual

The accumulated operation and maintenance know-how of Swing’s experienced operators is converted into video, audio- and text form and is stored in the “Visual Manual”. This helps developing highly skilled operators and trains them for daily tasks and emergency response.

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