We would like to first and foremost express our deepest sympathies to all those in the areas affected by the Tohoku Earthquake. Our hearts are with them and their families.

At this time, we have over 500 people in the devastated areas working very hard to provide support in getting the numerous water facilities around Tohoku up and running again. Going forward, it is our intention to increase the number of people we have providing various types of support so that those in the area have as soon as possible, the necessary foundation on which to begin their lives anew.

We would also like to announce that we will be providing monetary support in the amount of 100 million yen to be used in both rescue and rebuilding efforts.

1. Support Framework

Under the direction of the president, our Emergency Response Team has been working closely with the Tohoku Office, the Fukushima Sales Office, and the Aomori Sales Office to ensure that the following services may be provided:
・The supply of fresh water to residents of the areas
・The re-opening of water treatment facilities
・The transportation of machinery, materials and other supplies

2. Emergency Water Supply Systems

We have prepared the following water supply systems as part of our support efforts.
・Membrane Filtration Water Purification Systems (5 units / treats 50 tons of water per day)*
・Emergency Water Purification Systems (10 units / treats 29 tons per day)*
・Emergency Water Purification System (1 unit / treats 58 tons per day)

* Two Membrane Filtration Water Purification System units are to be provided to the JWRC along with five of the Emergency Water Purification System units. Requests for pumps will be dealt with in cooperation with the Ebara Group.