Contribution to Society through “Water”

“Water” is the primary resource for sustaining life on Earth.
The circumstances surrounding water have faced a major turning point since the dawn of the twenty-first century; we have entered the “New Water Era”.

Developed countries with water infrastructure already in place have reached a stage in which they must find new sustainable methods for renovating and maintaining the existing infrastructure. Simultaneously, the rapid growth of economies in emerging countries has led to higher water demands and pollution in public water sources resulting in a rapidly increasing demand for water infrastructure development.

We strive to provide solutions while respecting the diverse customs and cultures of each society, drawing from our experience and cutting-edge technology. In collaboration with local governments and enterprises, our hope is to propose optimal solutions which meet the region’s environmental and social needs. We aim to contribute to the “New Water Era” through creating innovative solutions.

As a responsible leader in the water industry, we are committed to maintaining the Earth’s natural water cycle through our total water management system that provides a high-quality and sustainable water supply, a variety of wastewater treatment options and a safe return to natural water resources.

“Contributing to Society through Water” is our corporate mission and is expressed in our company name “Swing”.
“Swing” implies; Sustainable Water + ing, with “ing” indicating our continuing action to further improve the water environment.

Swing will continue to provide various solutions to create enriched societies with safe and dependable water environments.

Nobumitsu Oshio

President and CEO

Swing Corporation