GLF (GreenLeaf Filter), which is the most popular rapid sand filtration system in Japan, enables a sound, safe, and reliable water supply

Urgent task for promoting industrialization was the provision of stable water-supply infrastructure

Thang Long Industrial Complex was built in Hanoi in the late 1990s as part of promotion of industrialization in Vietnam. This project enhanced Japanese manufacturers' opportunities to start productive activities in Vietnam. To promote such direct investment from overseas and at the same time to achieve reliable livelihood of surrounding residents, development of basic infrastructure became an important issue.

Japanese water purification technology was introduced funded by ODA loan from Japan

Raw water which derives from groundwater that is fed to the North Thang Long Water Treatment Plant contains exceptionally high levels of iron and manganese, unusual raw water condition in Japan.
To ensure such compounds to be removed, after thorough field studies, Swing Corporation proposed to apply the treatment process of Aeration, Coagulation-Sedimentation and Manganese Sand Filtration.
As filtration system, GreenLeaf Filter (Siphon type self-backwashing rapid sand filter), most widely used in Japan, has been adopted, considering the power supply conditions in Vietnam. This system is equipped with filtration and self-backwashing mechanism utilizing water level difference, contributing to energy saving.

Groundwater containing high-level of iron and manganese. Applied treatment method was oxidation by aeration.
Groundwater containing high-level of iron and manganese.
Applied treatment method was oxidation by aeration.
GLF siphon backwashing mechanism
GLF siphon backwashing mechanism

Development of industrial complex significantly contributed to urban development of surrounding areas

Construction of basic infrastructures, including this water treatment plant, led to many major Japanese companies to enter and start production in Thang Long Industrial Complex. This also significantly promoted urban development in the surrounding areas.
Swing Water Vietnam Corporation, subsidiary of Swing Corporation, is contributing to the training of operation engineers through supporting proper management of the facilities.

Outline of facility and work performed Engineering/Procurement/Construction of full set of mechanical and electrical equipment for water treatment
Capacity 50,000m3/day
Process Aeration + Coagulation-Sedimentation + Rapid Sand Filtration (GLF: GreenLeaf Filter)

Main Equipment