The board of directors of Swing Corporation voted to assign new President and Chief Executive Officer on 19th February 2019.

1.New President and CEO will be follows

Name Tetsuji Nakagawa
Date of Birth January 25, 1960
Place of Birth Tokyo

2.Education Experience

1983. 3 KEIO University, Faculty of Law
1983. 4 Join Mitsubishi Corporation, Head Office (Tokyo)
2007. 3 Diamond Generating Corporation (Los Angeles)
Director, President
2013. 4 Mitsubishi Corporation
Deputy Division COO, Environment & Infrastructure Business Division and (Concurrently) General Manager, Water Business Dept.
2014. 4 Mitsubishi Corporation
Senior Vice President,Division COO, New Energy & Power Generation Division
2016. 4 Mitsubishi Corporation
Senior Vice President Division COO, Infrastructure Business Division and Executive Officer of Swing Corporation

*Present President and CEO Shigeo Mizutani will be assigned to Senior Advisor of Swing Corporation on 1st April 2019.

3.Date of Inauguration

1st April 2019